Nathaniel Gosselin is currently President of Connwood Foresters, but his previous roles as a Water Resource Engineer (for a national company) and an Associate Engineer (for a small architecture firm in Brattleboro, VT) established a baseline for well-rounded, holistic, ecological management with experience in permitting, design, and redevelopment/construction. Before that, Nate worked as a procurement forester for a sawmill in Durham, CT, a forestry technician for the DEEP, and began his forestry career as a intern at Connwood Foresters. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (CIVIL - WATER RESOURCES) in Massachusetts, as well as, a CT Licensed Forester. He is a NRCS TSP in Connecticut. Along with being interested in ecosystem and forested watershed management, Nate believes in conscientious development by integrating natural systems into the built environment and leaning on renewable/sustainable energy to reduce carbon footprint, biodiversity loss, and watercourse impact. Nate has a BS in forestry and a Bachelors of Environmental Engineering from the University of Vermont.


Danny Thomas is currently the Central Region Forester for Connwood Foresters. His experience has been spatially extensive from working as a procurement forester with a sawmill in Guilford, CT to cruising and mapping pine bark beetle impact in plantations in Georgia or at Kings Mountain National Military Park preparing management units for prescribed burns. Danny received the highest marks graduating from the University of Clemson's forestry program cum laude. Danny is a Licensed Forester in Connecticut and holds a ISA Arborist Certification. Although Danny hails from South Carolina, he is proud to call Central Connecticut his home.


Peter Lesmerises is a part-time Eastern Region Forester for Connwood Foresters. Peter has been a major factor to Connwood's success over the last decade. He not only brings a unmatched work ethic to the table, but his careful attention to detail and expanse of tacit knowledge makes him a true asset to our forestry team. Peter began his studies in Forestry achieving a B.S. from the University of New Hampshire. After college Peter joined the Peace Corp, working in Guatemala managing a tree nursery and teaching soil conservation classes. Upon his return he worked as a forester in Virginia, learning the ins and outs of the industrial forestry market, then moved to Connecticut and worked as a procurement forester in Connecticut for 22 years. Peter is a Licensed Forester in Connecticut and Massachusetts and NRCS TSP certified.


Steve is an important part of the Connwood team as the technical lead. Steve has owned and managed his tree service company for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge from correct felling techniques to how to identify chaga on a yellow birch tree. He is a self proclaimed woodsman, and we wouldn't argue with that! Steve is an integral part of boots on the ground management that every woodlot needs. Additionally, he manages our shiitake mushroom farming and takes the lead for Christmas tree sales (when he isn't in his tree stand.)